It`s not what it used to be.  I hate coming home.  I feel like I`m so trapped when I`m here.  I feel like anything I say or do can and will be criticized.  I feel like I can`t even put my toe outside of the imaginary line without being yelled at. Once I used to love finishing work or school and just heading home.  But now, I dread when my shift is done.  Worse is that I know I have to come home cause otherwise I`m gonna be yelled at and I`m gonna have to hear how I`m horrible and a let down.  It`s tough hearing that from the ones you love and call family. I don`t want to have to explain every time I go out where I`m going and when I`ll be back.  I don`t have to go out and worry that if I`m late I`m gonna be verbally assaulted. I work hard and make a living for myself so why is it that I`m under such restrictions? It’s not fair.  I want to leave.  I want to run away.  It’s just tough cause under my parents’ eyes I’m the son so I must listen to them and take care of them.  And I don’t mind having that responsibility but I don’t want to have to let go of my dreams and goals.  I know what I want and who I want.  Why should I have to give up all that I want?  I want to go somewhere where I can feel at home again.  Cause this is no longer home.  This is not where I want to be.